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According to a recent series of reports, it seems the USA version of cell phone usage proposed by the European Union for European flights over EU airspace and predicted to then be coming to USA carriers has been put on hold.

Thank God!

It was reported this past week that the Committee on Transportation Infrastructure have introduced the H.A.N.G. UP Act (Halting Airplane Noise to Give Us Peace) for US operating flights. The bills goal is to ban cell phone calls on all commercial flights in the US, while still allowing the use of soon to be introduced wireless services for texting, emailing, and other computer communications while flying.


According to MSNBC, “Advocates of the HANG UP Act claim consumers are overwhelmingly opposed to having cell phone service on airplanes. As proof, they point to a poll sponsored by the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA and the National Consumers League. In that survey, 63 percent of those polled were against in-flight cell phones, 21 percent were in favor of allowing in-flight cell phone calls, and flight attendants in general were concerned about having to be the ones to referee disagreements they were sure would erupt if in-flight cell phone conversations were permitted.”

Well, we might not be able to hold off this off forever.. but in our estimation, the longer the better as very little good can come from cell phone usage at 30,000 feet. The last things we need at 30,000 feet are obnoxious endless ring tones, loud talkers and chatty talkers … The population cannot even control their rude and selfish cell-phone usage on the ground, imagine in the air where they have nothing better to do and are competing with others on their phones or engine noise just to be heard.

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