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But to this, passengers say, “no thanks”! According to an ongoing HuffPost/YouGov poll 86% of Americans would not want cell phones allowed on planes while 11% would want phones allowed. This assumes, of course, the FCC will/would approve such a dastardly change – something it is insinuating it just might as of late. Of all the things that need fixing in the air industry, the FCC is focusing on this? And thinks it might be a good idea? The same poll is showing that 75% would want text messaging allowed however.

According to the story, “The FCC said last week that commissioners will decide at their Dec. 12 meeting whether to lift the agency’s 22-year-old ban on allowing passengers to use mobile devices. The ban originally was imposed because of fears that calls from airliners could interfere with ground-based communications. Airlines in Europe and Asia already allow passenger calls.” Delta airlines has already reported that even if the FCC approves this, they will not be having it.

I bet we all know some of those dreadful 11-percenters. Can you imagine, in a closed environment like that, how truly awful this would be? Phones ringing horrible ringtones, people jabbering at all volumes, conversations you don’t want to hear – for hours on end.

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