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Leave it to the grossly overly fee happy airline Spirit Airlines – often seen as the most fee-crazed carrier of all in the U.S. – to come up with the next not needed fee. A fee for checked bags on flights around the holidays. Just another fee they dreamed up that they could use to leverage another payout from their customers.

According to the story at, “CEO Ben Baldanza has also gone on record saying that his company may stop adding fees because it’s become difficult to think up any more new ones.” What does that tell you about their mindset and angle?

So back to the “new” fee at hand.. According to the Los Angeles Times, “Spirit has quietly tacked on a $2 surcharge on top of its usual checked baggage fees for passengers traveling during the peak winter holiday period, December 18 to January 5. The standard price to check a bag during online check-in is $40 for the first piece of luggage, so if you’re flying during the holiday period, it’ll run $42.” The article states that a message from Spirit attempting to explain the holiday surcharge. “To make sure we have room for everyone’s bags, we’re encouraging customers to pack a bit lighter.” But as is obvious, it sounds as if without such a fee, and without customers packing less, Spirit might have difficulty finding space peoples luggage. Preposterous, no? But maybe not so much. I have always suspected and surmised elsewhere here in past posts there could be some truth to that and that is because they want you to pack less so they can sell all excess space for a bigger fee for transporting merchandise and products for shippers. So, they penalize us for taking that room that they could be selling for a higher profit to someone needing products shipped. Possible? Hell yes! But either way, whatever their motivation or claimed motivation, get ready for the fee. That is, IF you use this airline.

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