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Just when you thought the airlines couldn’t charge you for anything else, Spirit Airlines is taking it to the next level.

They are now charging travelers to carry-on a bag!

They recently announced plans to start charging travelers if you want the privilege of putting a bag in the overhead storage bin! Personal items that fit under the seat will still be free. BWa ha ha ha hhaaa ha. Whatever.

You will pay a whopping $45 for this privilege at the gate, but “just” $30 if you prepay.

Spirit’s twisted logic is that it claims a recent fare reduction means most customers won’t really pay more to fly and it says having fewer carry-on bags will help empty the plane faster. Do they think customers will really see it this way? And if that is true, why did they reduce fares to just jab people at the gate? Because they know they will advertise the new “reduced” fares and make no mention of the new fees, or put it in tiny print, so by the time the customer finds out, it is to late. Sneaky and despicable tactic.

BOTTOM LINE: Although Spirit Airlines promotes it’s low cost tickets, but when you add up the additional charges, tickets are nearly the same as a premium airline.

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