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If you use a metro much in travels, you are use to the ubiquitous advertisements plastered all over the inside of the metro trains. Well, the airline industry is starting to take a page from this book and institute in cabin advertising – and doing so in pretty gaudy ways.

For example:

– Spirit Airlines sells advertising opportunities on overhead bins, tray tables and (drum roll please) air-sickness bags as well as bulkheads, boarding passes and ticket jackets.

– It was reported that advertisements are also appearing on seat backs and tray tables as well as on flight attendants’ aprons, snack boxes and napkins they hand out!

– Advertisements, or commercials really, are also creeping into flight announcements by flight crews and even in pre or post the safety videos!

– On receipts printed out by handheld credit card readers when customers buy meals or drinks.

These airlines have no shame selling advertising space on virtually any available space INSIDE the cabin. It is bad enough we are inundated by ads everywhere in the travel process from taxis, metro, inside the airport, the boarding gate, to electronic ticket kiosks, in the jetways as we walk to the plane, on baggage carousels and I have even seen them IN the little plastic personal effects/shoe boxes at the security lines that we slide through the x-ray machine.


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