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As if the rising gas prices we are paying at the pump to fill up our cars is not bad enough, it was just announced that the top 3 US Airlines – United, American, Delta – are jacking up domestic round-trip airfares by $20 to “offset the rising fuel costs”. Delta raised it TWICE in 1 week, and you know what that means.. yep, the others jumped on board to match it.

MSNBC pointed out that in some cases, “that means passengers on some cheap flights could be paying more in fees and taxes than for the airfare itself.” This is because the taxes and surcharges we already pay are about $130 per round-trip flight and that is higher than the actual base fare on some shorter flights.

So, in the end airlines have been raising airfares, adding and creating new types of ”surcharges”, cutting amenities and services, charging for extra bags and legroom while at the same time, cutting back flights (choices, routes and schedule selection).

Maybe “Higher Prices & Less Choice” would have been the more apropos title for this entry.

UPDATE: just 1 month later, American instituted yet a second $20 fuel surcharge!

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