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So, one of our favorite technology juggernauts just launched their online effort to take on the known airline travel search sites like Kayak, Hotwire, Travelocity, Orbitz, etc.

Google Flights lets you compare, get pricing and book airfares between US cities. From a first look that we took, at least the web site sticks to the classic clean and simple uncluttered Google layout (unlike their competitors that clutter their pages with endless ads and distracting banners). The interface is easy to use and very intuitive and will even try t deduce your departure airport given your location from where you conduct your search. You can select your destination airports, select nearby airports and you will get flight durations, arrival & departures times, 1 way or round trip and costs across multiple airlines. It is also possible to compare by certain FF airline alliances. There are a number of other cool useful little functions like the ability to search using more than 1 airport at the same time (as seen above). Once you select your flights, Google Flights takes you directly to the airline’s website for booking. POW!

Then, once you find your flights, you can head on over to AirportGyms.com and see if there is an Airport Gym in or near any of the airports you will be using; just in case there is an unexpected delay in your travel.

The Google Flights flight finding service is not available for international flights and you cannot yet select business or first class fares.. yet.

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