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According to a story on, a new report from fare search website Routehappy – based on flights of at least 500 miles & offering at least an hour of online time – reveals just how sparse WiFi is on US domestic flights. It states that, “Delta has the most total flights with WiFi (3,443), representing about 65 percent of all its flights. Southwest (2,320) and US Airways (1,293) come in second and third, respectively. United had only 24 domestic flights offering WiFi access, although it has plans to roll out more WiFi-enabled flights.” As a frequent United flyer, I can attest to how weak the WiFi offerings on their flights – particularly their overseas flights. As a matter of fact, the story goes on to report that, “if you’re flying overseas, WiFi becomes harder to get. Only 279, or 6.5 percent, of flights from the U.S. have full-flight connectivity, but more airlines are adding the service to their international fleets.” If you consider the technology we have in the world today, this is a pretty pathetic report on the status of WiFi availability on US domestic flights.

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