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Nearly 30 percent of flights were delayed in August, the industry’s worst air travel year continues. This was the topic in several news reports today. It seems these stories are far to frequent anymore that I am getting a little bored with posting them to be honest. But hey….. let’s pile on.

A report on stated, “With 1 in 4 domestic flights arriving late this year, the airline industry is hearing from passengers and the government that patience is wearing thin.” They also report that the Transportation Department said 25.2 percent of domestic flights arrived late between January and August – easily the industry’s worst performance since comparable data began being collected in 1995.

Some of the other highlights:

  • The airline industry and the Federal Aviation Administration blame the delays on outdated air traffic control technology, bad weather and increasing passenger traffic. Commercial airlines’ use of smaller planes and an increase in general aviation by business travelers also increased air and runway congestion, analysts said.
  • There were 159 flights kept on the tarmac for more than three hours before taking off in August. Of those, three were delayed on the ground for more than five hours.
  • The airlines and the FAA are pressing for a new, satellite-based air traffic control system that will cost about $15 billion and take nearly 20 years to complete. Airline traffic is projected to double by 2025

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