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How was the best performance in four years achieved by the airline industry? It was reported today that flyers were met with fewer bumps and more on time arrivals just a year after setting a record for the worst performance in more than 10 years.

MSNBC reported that Hawaiian airlines came out on top among the overall ratings of 17 airlines. AirTran Airways and JetBlue Airways were right up there. American, Continental, Delta and United were average, while regional air carriers filled out the bottom of the list.

It was reported that the airline industry flew fewer people in 2008, big shock given economic times, and treated them better, arriving on time more often and losing fewer bags. Passengers were also less likely to be bumped from overbooked flights – likely because there was plenty of room since everyone is staying home.

Though this is certainly good news, it is tempered by the fact that there are fewer flights to select from, higher prices if you do find the flight you want, fees, fees, fees, and fees have all gone up or been added.. and perks aren’t to be had.

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