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JetBlue Airways recently launched its in-flight WiFi service, named Fly-Fi, this week with three inaugural USA flights. Only five JetBlue jets will be outfitted with in-flight WiFi by the end of 2013, but the JetBlue plans to add more than 140 planes during 2014. The new WiFi service is currently being offered only on USA flights and in 2 tiers:

  • A basic version, called Simply Surf, will be free until June 2014
  • A premium service, called Fly-Fi Plus, gives flyers the ability to stream videos or download large files for $9 per hour

A pricing scheme past the first six months has not yet reportedly been locked in, but senior vice president of marketing at JetBlue says the goal is to keep it free. JetBlue is one of the last U.S. airlines to introduce in-flight WiFi, but they say they hope to make up for the delay with superior speed and an attractive price point.

So now, while flying on JetBlue, you can login to the AirportGyms.com main site or the mobile site (it will auotmtoatcialy sense if you are mobile and take you to the mobile site) and check to see if there is an airport gym or fitness center near your airport or stay up on the latest interesting travel news on our blog.

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