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Wish you had an Airport Gyms listing now? With the way the weather turned over the holidays in the midwest, it lead to a lot of cancelled and delayed flights both in and outside of that region given the ripple affect that flight layovers, delays and cancellations always have.

An MSNBC story reports today that United cancelled flights for the 4th consecutive day due to bad weather. And, this comes over a very busy holiday ravel time. Ouch… this means a lot of sitting in airports waiting around for the delays or only to find out your flight was cancelled.

They reported that “United canceled 168 flights across the United States on Thursday mostly because of the weather in Denver, its second-largest hub, to help prevent planes from being stranded there. That is about 5 percent of the airline’s daily schedule.”

In the future, before traveling, might be best to have a plan of action in place for a delay or layover.. a plan that includes an FREE airport gym listing for your airport.

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