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It’s always funs to give interviews. Over the years I have done them for radio shows, magazines, blogs, newspapers, etc. I always feel very fortunate to to give an interview for 1 simple reason – it gets the news out there to the masses that this site exists and that there is a resource for active travelers wanting to do something with their delays or layovers other than sit in a terminal watching people walk by. This, in turn, naturally leads to a chance at a new airport gym listing or 2 or the updating of a few dated airport gym listings as someone who was previously unaware of now knows about it and makes an effort to provide us a new airport gyms listing.

This recent phone interview, with USA Today, lead to both an online mention and a print mention according to the reporter I spoke with. You can read the story here: Airports get into the fitness craze for stressed travelers

A list of airport gyms

Kevin Gillotti considers himself an athlete first and a traveler second. A few years ago, he figured out how to combine his two passions by starting a website called He encourages travelers to write in when they find a fitness center at an airport or within a 10- to 15-minute ride from one. He then lists them by state.

“I’d have these massive layovers where I’m sitting there doing nothing, and for an active guy like me, I can’t sit like that,” says the San Diego-area resident and avid runner. “I think the public is slowly coming around to fitness and the value of it.”

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