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So, as many of us know, in the last few months a lot of TSA changes have come down the pike relative to security gate protocol that have really shaken up the travel industry.

To recap… much of the recent push by the TSA seems to stem from the fact that we have had inkjet printer cartridges filled with explosives and rigged with cell phone detonators that made it onto cargo and passenger planes. One was even reported to be just hours from exploding over the USA in a cargo plane had the government not been tipped off and caught it en route to it’s final devastating end.

We have had TSA ramp up and really start to push the nation wide use of those Total Recall inspired body scanners that some say bombard your body with an acceptable amount of radiation while others claim it is as much as 20 chest x-rays in 1 shot. Not to mention the fear of everyone seeing your privates and clowning you or some unscrupulous technician leaking or posting your images on the web someplace.

Not into 1 years worth of x-rays in 30 seconds (not to mention the return trip dose)? Then you can opt for the much chagrined and reportedly “overly intrusive” pat-down procedures that apparently have TSA agents feeling up your boobies and crotch. Reports of the icky feelings people get – some calling it legal sexual assault – can be found all over the web, some even in video format. Even some incoming leaders to the House Transportation Committee are calling out the TSA on these groping pat-downs.

So what do we think? Personally, I will take all of this over my plane blowing up any time. Period. It certainly angers me that terrorists have been able to dictate so many of our actions, to the point of having officials push these types of security measures onto our way of life. I wish this was not the case. But it simply is and bitching about it & putting up a fight only slows me down from getting through the security area. In terms of the 2 TSA options, I fall into the category of fearing the body scanners. Not because I fear someone seeing my junk – believe me, if that was a concern, these dodgy x-ray images are the least of my concern – but because I fall into the camp that thinks the amount of x-rays passed through us just simply cannot be healthy and I am not willing to take the chance the “unbiased” research done into their safety was in the passengers best interests. So, that would leave me with the pat-down option and in that case, I am not that up-tight about it as really, it can’t be any worse than a doctors visit. I get where the complainers are coming from, just don’t wait to do it at the airpot while in line and slow the rest of us up that have places to go and flights to catch because you want to be a YouTube activist and make a “statement”. You know it is coming, it’s all over the news, if you can;t deal with it, don’t travel until they hash this all out as you only have 2 choices.. accept it or don’t travel. And for me, traveling to where I want to go is more important to me than some dude grabbing my junk for 2 seconds.

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