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We love to dish on poor airline PR and Spirit Airlines (who has a pathetic 2 star review on Yelp and 1.5 star review on continues to make bad moves.

The latest move (next to this and this) involves giving a man dying of cancer the middle finger when he asked for a refund or a simple transfer of the ticket to his daughter. The Vietnam vet, Jerry Meekins, was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer and his doctors advised him not to fly. So, he asked for a simple $197 refund or the reassigning of the ticket to his daughter and those requests were met with this response from Spirit Airlines representative Natalie Pinson – “NO”. As if that is not bad enough, how about this zinger, “That means our non-refundable fares are non-refundable – for everyone.” Talk about a lack of compassion. It seems the only way that Mr. Meekins can qualify for a refund from Spirit Airlines – or partial refund – is to actually die.

Well done Spirit Airlines, well done.

UPDATE: on 5.5.12, after much negative national press and heat from the people, Spirit Airlines reversed it’s decision and offered the $197 refund and a $5000 donation to The Wounded Warriors foundation in the name of Mr. Meekins. As well, they admitted they made a mistake on this one. Though it is good news and nice to see the heat caused them to cave, but it is precisely just that, the heat caused them to cave. They did not do this out their own goodwill, that time came and went and they denied and denied and denied, they did it to create a better image. Glad they did it, but I understand their real reasons for doing it.

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