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It was announced the good old Spirit Airlines, home of the fees, was going to ask as much as $100 to put a bag in the overhead storage if paid at the gate. This $100 – 1 way – is more than the airline’s average ticket cost of $76. Oh, and BTW, carry on fees are going up as well.

I seriously cannot fathom why people travel with this airline. Their long list of petty petty fees, their track record with some of the worst customer service (literally – see above story), their blatant disregard for simple rule bending human compassion (they vet dying of cancer whom they will not refund a meager $197) all in the name of that final nickel and dime they can squeeze out of their customers.

This quote says it all, “My wife and I had to pay $180 for our bags just one way to Las Vegas,” said Brian Quintana of Commerce City. “That’s more than we paid for our roundtrip tickets.” So, I am not to sure how people are going to continue to see Spirit as a good choice when at the end of the day, all of their fees make the ticket price no better than other airlines with better service.

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