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Budget airline woos customers after Michael O’Leary concedes it needs to stop ‘unnecessarily pissing people off‘, according to a story on Hey, I love that comment and love the logic because it is 100% true… it does nothing but piss people off in a day when most airlines are trying to gouge the traveler on every little tick tack item.

The story reports that Ryanair has halved its excess baggage fee to €10 (about $13.75 USA) a kilo (2.2 pounds) in its latest attempt to appease customers frustrated and angry with its additional charges and reputation for abrasive service. Still seems pretty pricey huh? So a 30 pound bag (13.6kg) would be about $187, but it would have been $374 previously!!! DAMNNNNN! And, the story somewhat insinuates they are making this a Christmas holiday type gesture. So maybe it is not permanent? Time will tell.

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