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Just when you though, “what different type of fee can the airlines come up with”, United ups-the-anti with one that frankly, I would have never seen coming. It works like this; pay United $249 a year and you get to check 2 bags per every trip on United or United Express for both domestic and international flights. According to United, it also covers standard checked bags for up to eight companions traveling under the same confirmation number as the subscriber and benefits are applied when you book your travel using your Mileage Plus number.

Currently, to pay a la carte, United asks that you fork over $20 to check the first bag and $30 for the second. Simple math tells us that one would break-even checking two bags after five trips if you went the annual fee route. This “Premier Baggage” annual fee does not cover charges for oversized and overweight bags, AND this is an “introductory price” – which United will not say when it will end and by how much it will change (increase hint… hint…) when said “introductory price” ends. Oh, last and not least, “For your convenience, your Premier Baggage subscription will automatically renew each year.”

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