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Be nice to your ticket agent or else….. a story on reports that after interviews with ticket agents, airline employees and travelers, it became clear that some unscrupulous ticket agents can punish ‘problem’ (as defined by who exactly) passengers in a variety of ways, often without anyone even knowing it.

They can, and do, exact their revenge on travelers by:

  • bumping them off flights – give them a reason by being overly argumentative, drunk (or smell like you are), too much luggage, too big (yep, size matters)
  • forcing them to check more luggage by rigidly enforcing luggage size rules
  • reassigning your seat – say, next to the bathroom, in the middle seat or towards the back of the plane
  • sending them to a 2ndairy security line from the TSA (denoted by a line of red S’s stamped across the top of your ticket)

    So, why is this behavior taking place? Well, surely there is some onus on the part of the rude traveler – and believe me, I have seen many. Sometimes I can understand given the number of hoops we have to go through as travellers. But as Ellen Simonetti, a former Delta Air Lines flight attendant who writes the Queen of the Sky blog, says it’s easy to understand why ticket agents resort to these tactics. There’s a sense of powerlessness in the ranks of ticket agents, and these tricks are often their only effective outlet for their frustrations. “It’s a really crummy job,” she says. “So I guess they have to get their revenge once in a while.”

    Moral of the story…. be nice

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