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thumbnail reports that Delta has a new rule… it will require domestic customers flying out of New York’s John F. Kennedy (JFK) International Airport to check their baggage a minimum of 45 minutes prior to departure, 60 minutes for international flights. This new rule goes into effect Oct. 15. They claim this falls in line with requirements they already have in place at Atlanta, Los Angeles, Orlando and Denver.

The story reports that the airline additionally claims it will further work to reduce delays and air traffic at JFK by decreasing the number of flights operating during peak hours and raising the number of flights using larger planes.

Well, let’s hope it works. Maybe it means you have to show up so early just to check luggage, you will need an airport gym to workout in to burn off the additional extra time needed to travel with Delta. We wonder what is next as a means of trying to address delays? 2 hours early to check in luggage? Next, the issue will be too many people at the airport hanging out just because they showed up way early to (1) get through security and (2) to check in a bag hours early.

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