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So, as we all know, the big explanation by airlines for all of the endless fees this year have been the catch all, to cover rising fuel costs using a “fuel surcharge”. Well, fuel and oil prices have been dropping.. below $104 per barrel recently which is the lowest closing price in five months – essentially a 30% slip from the highest point.

So hey.. how about rolling back the “fuel surcharge”.. It has been made clear that U.S. airlines have no immediate plans to reduce fuel surcharges that they added on to the price of our tickets.

Research shows fuel surcharges reached up to $170 per round trip in the United States and more for international flights. (And that is on top of fare hikes & new bag fees.)

Guess it would be crazy to think we could get a break commensurate with the dropping fuel prices? Oh yeah, sorry, we are dealing with the airline industry.

UPDATE: 9.19.08.. Let’s give a round of applause to Air Canada as they have decided to eliminate all the second-checked-bag fees it began charging in the spring when fuel prices soared! Wow.. wouldn’t that be great if a US based airline followed suit? Ha ha ha… yeah, right!

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