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So Jet Blue is now charging $7 for pillows and blankets on their flights.

Why? Well, to “offset the soaring price of jet fuel” of course. Why else? I mean, that is the ubiquitous catch all explanation now for every fair increase, baggage charge, a la carte charge the airlines can and are coming up with. And you know this will mean other airlines will follow suit.

They were smart in 1 respect, they claim this new pillow and blanket package “feature a fabric technology, developed by CleanBrands LLC, that blocks pesky critters like dust mites, mold spores, pollen and pet dander.” That is actually kind of cool, but in the end, that is just their marketing spin they put on it to make you feel better about making the $7 purchase. And from what they say, people are buying into it….. as if they have a choice though. What do you expect them to do? Freeze on the plane or bring their own pillow and blanket? I suspect that is what people will do. Which just means more bulk and carry-on luggage as people have to bring their own food, drinks, pillows, blankets, magazines, entertainment.

As well, I wonder what this means for the environment? That is, how many people will buy into this out of pure necessity to be comfortable on a plane already shrinking in space and amenities, only to throw it right in the garbage when they reach their destination? I mean, who wants to carry that added bulk around when you are already tight on space to try to meet the single bag or carry-on baggage size rules?

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