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According to an story, weather related disruption costs have cost the airlines and passengers $1.4 billion, according to masFlight, an airline consulting firm. Now, don’t worry about the airlines, they will certainly find a way to make that up in the form of some fee certainly. It is the affected passenger I care more about.

As we know from watching the news at the beginning of the year, there were +- 95,000 industry flight delays and cancellations from Jan. 1 to Jan. 6 due to the frigid weather snap. The masFlight research company showed a cost to passengers of $37.60 per hour, or nearly a billion dollars, with an additional cost to airlines of $4,690 per hour, or $452 million. It was reported that Jet Blue likely took the biggest hit given how many flights they cancelled, but as one pundit said, “I don’t want to make light of it, but this is not going to be as big a hit to the airline industry overall for the year as it might look today”.

So the takeaway from this? Make sure that when snowy, cold, frigid weather has the potetntial to ruin, delay and cancel your flight plans, you have premetively gotten your airport gyms gym listings ready to go! Oh, and check out our airport delay flight tracker.

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