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Many years ago I got involved with this awesome charity/group Soules4Souls and got them on the path of thinking larger than just shoe collection boxes for the needy at small random donation spots here and there, but rather, getting collections going at large race venues. I got to thinking that those of us that race often have lots of great used shoes we think are dead, but the needy in a 3rd world country would be thrilled to have. Thus, I put them in touch with local race directors like In-Motion Sports and that very next race season, they were collecting shoes by the many hundreds of pairs at the Carlsbad Marathon in January. A far cry from a dozen pairs of shoes here and there from smaller drives or drop off boxes. I just knew that was a whole untapped area for shoe donations just ripe for the picking.

That was in 2006 and now, in 2008, they have a whole division dedicated just to running related events – “Running Team.” Awesome! They have really taken the ball and run with it and branched out into other race events all over the US. Heck, it appears they have even taken it to the next level and organized their own running race!

So look.. the reason I am blogging about this is simple… it is a great cause and you can get involved. Those of you that are fit, active travelers likely have more running shoes, or just shoes, then you know what to do with. I know my buddy ‘Prada” does (I hope he – yes he – is reading this). Many you consider beat down and to tired to run or race in anymore. God knows those of us into active sports like running are always buying new shoes and turning over an old dead pair.. which means you likely have old ones sitting around collecting dust. Well, those pairs we may not run in anymore could make someone’s life so much easier. Someone who does not even own something as simple as a pair of shoes… an item we take for granted.

If you want to get involved, search their zip code finder to find a donation location or select a race event or find a general event in your area and start collecting shoes from race buddies, friends, relatives, coworkers… whomever.

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