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If there is a story that exemplifies the need for a Passenger Bill of Rights to get passed, this is one of them. Though we are no fans of frivolous lawsuits, this one was a long time coming and bound to happen at some point. The airlines finally pissed someone off who (1) has the resources to make an issue and (2) the knowledge of how to make an issue.

It seems a lawyer from NY is suing Delta Air Lines for $1 million, claiming the 2007 family vacation to Buenos Aires to celebrate his mother’s 80th birthday was ruined after they were stranded in an airport for several days and treated poorly by Delta employees. It was reported that the unused portion of the trip added up to about $21,000 in unused hotel rooms in Argentina, replacement clothes, and other ancillary costs. It was also reported that a Delta employee, upon refusing the family boarding on their connecting flight in Atlanta, “literally walked away chuckling that he had left them stranded” the lawyer claimed. Then, it is alleged they were told the next available flight would depart more than two weeks later. Naturally, they booked a last minute flight with another airline (can you say cha ching), that left several days later, but did not get their luggage for another 5 days after arriving.

Naturally, we hope that this sends the message to the airlines that people are sick of the treatment they often receive and are, once empowered, going to fight back. But the real benefit would be if it raises awareness for a badly needed Passenger Bill of Rights.

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