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click here to send your luggage ahead We found a great new product/service for those of us that have to take bikes (and/or other sports gear) on airplanes and fear (1) the rising cost – $300 round trip on some airlines now and (2) that it may end up in Kalamazoo…. despite you going to Denver. (Believe me it happens, read my recent AA experience with my bike below.)

Well, Luggage Forward offers a service where they will pick up your luggage, ship it to your destination, and pick it back up and ship it home when you are done. We did some price checking and in nearly every case, shipping a bike case with them was vastly more affordable than taking it on the plane. They have a pretty slick interface calculator that allows you to select dates, type of item shipping, when to pick up, and it will calculate a price.

This service is great not just for large bulky items like bike cases or surfboards, but considering the first and second bag fees now seen across the board on all domestic airlines, if you are traveling with a family, for example, this service may save you some serious coin.

Check it out and support them, and us as a sponsor: click here

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