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thumbnail is a new site that makes it easy for you to determine how much checked baggage your allowed to take on your flight and what it will cost you for the honor. According to Farelogix – the company behind the new site – the interactive site is a “baggage calculator that takes the guesswork, frustration, and mystery out of airline checked baggage allowance and fee information”. The web site works by instantly accessing the most current airline baggage allowance rates and fees which is based on the specific travel details like the number and weight of your expected checked bags/items and itinerary specific information like airline and flight details.

According to Farelogix, their system can evaluate, optimize, and present the best combination of checked bags for multiple travelers on a single itinerary, taking into account traveler frequent flyer status with the end goal of, “Ensure that no traveler arrives at an airport without knowing what their checked baggage allowance and fees will be.”

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