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A real shocker of a story from MSNBC reports that “The airline industry’s on-time performance in the first seven months of 2007 was its worst since comparable data began being collected in 1995. July’s on-time performance was the 11th worst on record.” They go on to report this is an on-time arrival rate of 69.8% – down from 73.7% at the same time the previous year. “Through July, more than 25 percent of flights have arrived late.”

Wow, and this comes on the heals of announced rate increases by Southwest.. which will be followed by the other big players to be sure… as well as proposed pay-per-baggage options being considered by select airlines (see elsewhere in our blog for that full story). The latter is even more of an insult when you consider that “the rates of mishandled baggage and customer complaints also rose in July, according to the government data.”

Yet another example of how more airport gym listings could help those delayed travelers spend their time more enjoyably then sitting in the terminal watch the clock tick by. So, if you have an airport gym or airport fitness center listing we do not have let us know

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