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The Transportation Department announced today that, compared to 1 year ago, the airlines 86% on time performance rates were an improvement for October, and better than September. As well, the carriers overall posted a lower rate of US cancellation rates of 0.6% versus the same time a year ago of 1.2%. They also posted improved baggage handling rates with 3.55 angry reports (I was one of them) per 1,000 passengers versus 5.37 reports per 1,000 passengers. General complaints were down roughly 42% as well for October.

Can you believe all the positiveness? Now all they need to do is drop all the excess baggage fees they instituted due to the “cost of fuel” given jet fuel prices alone are now lower than our gas prices – and we have all seen the massive drop in fuel prices. But, that might be asking to much, huh?

Now, naturally a skeptic bunch, the obvious question is…. is this really the case of improved service, or rather, distorted percentage rates since fewer people are traveling given the miserable economic situation and the high cost of travel and thus fewer flights on the tarmac? Less travelers = less flights = less reporting = lower likely numbers to report.

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