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According to the recently released Airline Quality Rating report, which ranked and graded 16 USA airline carriers on the key indicators that lead to pissed-off passengers, some of the best known airlines just plain get it wrong.

According to the Time News Feed, the study indicated the following high-points:

Worst Major Airline: United
Customer complaints pushed United over the edge, with the second-highest number of frustrated fliers out of all airlines surveyed.

Worst Overall Airline: American Eagle
According to the study, passenger complaints nearly doubled in 2010, and their sky-high lost luggage rating showed only slight improvement.

Most Likely to Be Late: Comair (Delta Express)
Delta’s commuter airline was the slowest in the skies with just 73.1% of flights arriving on schedule. This number falls way short of the industry average of 80% on time.

Most Likely to Lose Your Luggage: American Eagle
With a mishandled baggage rate more than double the national average, those baggage-checking fees become even harder to swallow. American Eagle lost or damaged 7.15 suitcases per thousand in 2010, the study says.

Most Complained About Airline: Delta
Delta took the most flack from fuming fliers in 2010, citing two complaints per 100,000 passengers, the report shows.

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