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I want to thank you United.. thank you for screwing up our reservations and starting off our holiday travel on a sour note. I really appreciate it! I paid an outrageous amount Рdespite buying well ahead Рfor me and my fiancé to fly for the holidays, only to find out today that your system erased our seat selections and left us no seats together and not in the front half of the plane where I picked so we could move fast to our next gate as we only have carry on luggage. So thank you, thank you for throwing us to the wolves to fight for a pair of seats together on a busy travel day. Thanks, thanks for not helping me fix this on the phone before we got to the airport and thus, the expectation of agitation and having to waste our, and the gate persons, valuable time which is better spent on something else. Thanks, thanks for not keeping up your end of the bargain and honoring my selections I made long ago with your system. And finally Рthanks, thanks for giving me no recourse but to just accept it.

ps – I loved that rather than wanting to fix your error, you saw an opportunity to charge me more money and offered to upgrade us.. for $80 per flight ūüôĀ

UPDATE: to be fair, though we had to show up earlier then desired and stand in line at a counter to talk to a rep, versus just taking our carry-on straight to the gate and get on, it ended up working out okay. It cost us extra time and effort, but the United reps were cool & helpful once we explained and worked it out easy. We got to sit together, not really where desired, but together none-the-less. Just wish we could have hashed it out via phone days before and not the day of.

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