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It seems the good old USA is considering a congressional proposal – yes, congress is spending manpower bickering about this – to charge a $10 fee to some visitors of the United States that come from Europe. Why? Get this… to “finance a new U.S. program to promote travel.”

So, make sure you get this straight; we want to promote travel into the US by EU visitors, and will make those doing so from Europe pay to cover the costs of said promotion that propelled them to come here in the first place. Wow.

Some in Europe believe, and I can hardly blame them, that If it passes, some US travelers to Europe could face retaliation. And said retaliation comes in the form of a Visa to visit Europe. Something currently not in play, but according to the EU pundits, might essentially be what the USA winds up doing in the end with this “fee”.

Now, we can all agree that $10 is not much, even less with the exchange rate for those coming in and paying said lame fee. But, as we all know, that is not the point. Visitors from most European countries have long enjoyed the privilege of visa-free travel to the United States, and so have we. Personally, I hope it stays that way as one who travels regularly to parts of Europe.

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