1 in 4…. more great news

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Nearly 30 percent of flights were delayed in August, the industry's worst air travel year continues. This was the topic in several news reports today. It seems these stories are far to frequent anymore that
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All Hail Rule 240!!!

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MSNBC reported today on a little know rule - Rule 240 - that some airlines adhere to concerning "'irregularities' such as canceled flights" and situations within the airline's control, such as mechanical problems. They report
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New Canada Listing + updates..

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We just added a new listing for Canada. A traveler provided us with a listing for Toronto's YYZ airport - The Sheraton Gateway Hotel. Please see the full details here. We also updated a few
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Back from Japan….

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Sorry about the delay with any updates to the blog and listings to the AirportGyms.com website... I was busy tromping around Japan for a few weeks and cruising to the top of Mt. Fuji (a
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