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According to a story on USA Today, as an industry, airlines received the fourth-worst score in the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) rankings of customer satisfaction. The biggest contributors to the low ranking are uncomfortable seating and poor in-flight service. Checked baggage (which travelers reduced usage of from 35% in 2013 to 31% this year) fees also play a significant role in the satisfaction indexes.

Overall satisfaction with on-time arrivals has dropped from an index reading of 81 to 79, but that is still a fairly high score, compared with 63 for seat comfort, the lowest scoring category. Ease of check-in and ease of making reservations rank at the top, with index scores of 82.

Among the six carriers ACSI ranked by name, JetBlue (a testament to its low fares and fees it’s claimed) and Southwest continue to lead in customer satisfaction whereas United Airlines holds the distinction of being the worst  rated in this period with an abysmal ACSI score of 60.

1. JetBlue – scored 79

2. Southwest Airlines – scored 78

3. Delta Air Lines – scored 71

4. American Airlines – scored 66

5. U.S. Airways – scored 66

6. United Airlines – scored 60

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