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According to an MSNBC story, here are your top 10 offenders for airports with the most delays:

1 Chicago, Ill.: O’Hare
2 Newark, N.J.: Newark Liberty International
3 New York, N.Y.: Kennedy International
4 New York, N.Y.: La Guardia
5 Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas: Dallas/Ft. Worth International

6 San Francisco, Calif.: San Francisco International
7 Boston, Mass.: Logan International
8 Philadelphia, Pa.: Philadelphia International
9 Atlanta, Ga.: Hartsfield-Jackson
10 Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minn.: Minneapolis St. Paul International

Traveling to, through, or leaving by any of these airports? Best you check and look for an airport gym or fitness center in or around your airport.. you gonna need it!

But here is some good news…. your in luck… we have listings for every one of these airports!

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