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Following close behind United, and this last weeks announcement by Northwest, Continental Airlines said Friday it will ALSO begin charging some passengers $25 to check a second bag in an effort to help offset rising fuel costs. This policy goes into effect immediately for all US, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands destinations. Canada gets it starting May 5.

Continental said that while there is no change in the checked bag policy for customers traveling in first class and BusinessFirst, customers who buy economy-class tickets with ‘certain fare types’, and are not elite members of the airline’s frequent flier program (who still get 2 bags of course), may check one bag at no charge, but will have to pay a $25 service fee to check a second one.

UPDATE: announced 4.28.08.. American Airlines, the nation’s biggest airline, is the next to jump on board starting May 12th.. shocked?

So to recap, as of today: United, American, JetBlue Airways, Continental Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines.

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