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Not what you might think…

No, it is not JFK (not even in the top 3). O’Hare? Close, but it was #2. The winner is…. for the third straight year…. Atlanta. Better known as Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta.

It was reported by MSNBC today that Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta logged 994,466 flights (takeoffs and landings) in 2007, up 1.8 percent from 976,447 flights in 2006 with Chicago O’Hare International Airport only logging a mere 935,000 flights in 2007. That number was down 2.4 percent from the 958,643 flights it had in 2006. 70% of those Atlanta flights were thanks to Delta.

These 2 airports also compete as the busiest airports in the world with Atlanta claiming the #1 spot, in terms of passengers, with 41.35 million passengers in 2006 with Chicago not far behind with 36.82 million passengers. Not a huge surprise as it also boasts both the largest hub in the world (Delta) and the world’s largest low-cost carrier hub (AirTran).

The moral of the story? Visit for your Atlanta and Chicago airport gyms listings… your going to need them sooner or later!

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