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A question we get often is how we keep our listing service at free. Well, if you visit our website you will see that all those great airport gym listings of fitness centers and gyms in and around USA and Canadian international airports are in fact freely provided.

How you ask?

A very simple answer…. well, 3 actually….

  • We gladly accept donations via PayPal CLICK HERE
  • We ask that you support our sponsors by clicking our related Google ads (see the right side of this blog or on the bottom of every page). Maybe even signup here to become your own AdSense user for your website
  • We ask that you support our newest sponsor.. AuctionAds. Their aim is to, like Google Ads, try to serve up links to items relative to what users to our site might like.. BUT the twist is, the links are to eBay auctions. Everybody loves eBay, no? So, get involved! (Or maybe consider becoming an AuctionAds user yourself by clicking here)
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