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Bush released a 4 point plan recently, which goes into affect next week for the holiday travel, as an effort to stem the dread of holiday travel. Dread I expect to be fully living next week. (I already have my airport gym picked out just in case I get that massive layover.)

The key points of the plan are:

  • Open unused military airspace: This will be from Florida to Maine with the goal of creating “a Thanksgiving express lane” for commercial airliners. It will be open next week for five days — Wednesday through Sunday — for the busiest days of Thanksgiving travel.
  • Imposing a holiday moratorium on nonessential maintenance projects: this allows all FAA personnel and equipment to be focused on keeping flights on time.
  • DOT will propose doubling the bump fee that airlines must pay: This is for those travelers who buy tickets but wind up without a seat. The penalty now is $200 or $400, depending on how long the passenger has been inconvenienced. The proposed increase would make the fee $400 to $800. NOTE: this would not go into affect until the Summer of ’08 if accepted.
  • Increase efficiency efforts: rerouting airspace, using technology to fill unused space in the air and on the ground, and using more precise routes for takeoffs and landings.
  • Make airlines liable for penalties for chronically delayed flights.

Take it for what it is worth… but it is an effort I suppose.

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