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Another travel blog had an interesting report I couldn’t help but mention here as it caught my eye. They reported a dirty trick that Delta has reportedly pulled on more than 1 of it’s travelers.

The trick… you buy a cheap nonstop ticket at a price so low they then decide they do not like it, so they rebook you on a flight that not only has a connection/layover, but often with worse times and flights than you originally, and legitimately, booked and paid for.

The blog sums it up simply by reporting, “[sic] hypothesizes that the airline is pre-bumping the cheap-seat customers to less convenient flights so they can continue to sell higher-priced tickets on the most desirable nonstop routes. And unfortunately, this is highly plausible.”

Part of the real slap in the face here is that we all spend countless hours and days and weeks seeking out just the perfect flight combinations of price, connections, flight times, only to have the airline undo all the work we did in a few minutes with little or no concern to the fact that what you did was just use their system and booked what they offered.

It just gets better and better out there. Those airlines are down with whatever…. whatever it takes that works for them that is.

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