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There have been several reports in the past of crazy long waits and delays on the tarmac. Well, we have another. You would think airlines would avoid this like the plague given the bad exposure it repeatedly brings. This time around Continental is the culprit. It was reported that Continental Express Flight 2816 waited on the tarmac six-hours AFTER landing before passengers could depart.

Apparently, Continental adopted a provision earlier this year requiring airlines to return passengers to the gate after a three-hour tarmac delay. So, 6 hours? It was reported that the full (49 of 50 seats taken) flight was cramped and there was no food, few pillows or blankets and a toilet that stopped working.

Every time this happens, the much needed and threatened “passengers bill of rights”, which congress did not pass, rears its head … but seems to go no where despite congress persons supposed outrage at the events.

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