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This area of the airport gyms site is dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) we receive and miscellaneous articles and links we have found relative to the topics of airport fitness, airport gyms, gyms in airports, gyms near airports, and active traveling for fitness and active minded travelers.

  1. I am a traveler and found a gym or a gym owner and have a new club to submit for listing, what do I do?
  2. Can we advertise on the airport gyms website?
  3. How is this airport gym listing service kept FREE?
  4. Do you have a mapping feature on your gym listings?
  5. Can you help me find a personal training job, fitness job in the fitness industry or at a gym?
  6. Where can we get a complete listing of airport gyms located IN airports across the country?
  7. It would be great to have a separate list of just those gyms in airports instead of having to search within each state.
  8. How do you get these airport gyms listings?
  9. Can you help us start an airport gym or do you know how to direct us to the resources needed to start a gym?
  10. Can you list our gym or a gym we found that is not in or near an International airport? What is the criteria?
  11. Will you be listing gyms in other countries International airports besides the USA and Canada?
  12. Your airport gym listing was wrong!
  13. Why are some airport gym listings so complete and some are so sparse?
  14. How often do you update your gym listings?
  15. Can we reprint these airport gym listings publicly elsewhere?
  16. Do you have a blog so we can keep up on the latest news?
  17. I know the state(s) & airport(s) I am passing through or have layovers at, but not where they are on your map.
  18. Do you know the airport abbreviation codes?
  19. Why do the states with lots of listings load slower?
  20. Why are there not more gyms in airports?
  21. Do you have a tool that can show me current flight delays?
  22. Do you have a mobile site?